Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is led by Editor-in-Chief Michiyuki Matsuda who is Professor at the University of Kyoto. He is supported by a number of Associate Editors and an Editorial Board.

The role of the Associate Editors is to engage peer reviewers, assess their reviews and recommend a decision to the Editor-in-Chief. The Editorial Board provides ongoing advice and support. More details about the peer review process at the journal are available on the About page.

The information listed below is also available in PDF format.
2023-2024 Editorial Board | 2023-2024 International Editorial Board


Michiyuki MATSUDAKyoto UniversityJapanAdvanced technology

Associate Editors

Kazuhiro AOKIExCELLS / NIBBJapanSignal transduction
Yasuyuki FUJITAKyoto UniversityJapanCell adhesion and extracellular matrix
Mitsunori FUKUDATohoku UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Mikio FURUSENIPSJapanCell adhesion and extracellular matrix
Gohta GOSHIMANagoya UniversityJapanCytoskeleton and cell motility
Satoshi GOTORikkyo UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Yoko HAMAZAKIKyoto UniversityJapanImmunology
Tetsuya HIGASHIYAMAUniversity of TokyoJapanAdvanced technology
Tatsushi IGAKIKyoto UniversityJapanCell growth, differentiation and death
Koji IKEGAMIHiroshima UniversityJapanCytoskeleton and cell motility
Junichi IKENOUCHIKyushu UniversityJapanCell adhesion and extracellular matrix
Naotada ISHIHARAOsaka UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Tohru ISHITANIOsaka UniversityJapanSignal transduction
Toshiki ITOHKobe UniversityJapanSignal transduction
Masato KANEMAKINational Institute of GeneticsJapanAdvanced technology; Chromosome, nucleus and gene expression
Hiroyasu KIDOYAUniversity of FukuiJapanCell growth, differentiation and death
Etsuko KIYOKAWAKanazawa Med. UniversityJapanCytoskeleton and cell motility
Yuko KIYOSUERIKENJapanCytoskeleton and cell motility
Hidetaka KOSAKOTokushima UniversityJapanSignal transduction
Erina KURANAGATohoku UniversityJapanCell growth, differentiation and death
Kazuhiro MAESHIMANational Institute of Genetics and SOKENDAIJapanChromosome, nucleus and gene expression
Noriyuki MATSUDATMIMSJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Hiroaki MIKIKyoto UniversityJapanSignal transduction
Noboru MIZUSHIMAUniversity of TokyoJapanLife of proteins
Fumio MOTEGIHokkaido UniversityJapanCytoskeleton and cell motility
Shigeo MURATAUniversity of TokyoJapanLife of proteins
Kazuhisa NAKAYAMAKyoto UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Yoshihisa ODANagoya UniversityJapanCytoskeleton and cell motility
Yukako ODAKyoto UniversityJapanCell adhesion and extracellular matrix
Yusuke OHBAHokkaido UniversityJapanSignal transduction
Shizue OHSAWANagoya UniversityJapanCell growth, differentiation and death
Miho OHSUGIUniversity of TokyoJapanChromosome, nucleus and gene expression
Yasushi OKADARIKEN and Univ TokyoJapanCytoskeleton and cell motility
Chitose ONEYAMAAichi Cancer CenterJapanSignal transduction
Akiko SATOHiroshima UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Ken SATOGunma UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Miyuki SATOGunma UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Shiro SUETSUGUNAISTJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Asako SUGIMOTOTohoku UniversityJapanCell growth, differentiation and death
Tomohiko TAGUCHITohoku UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Naoki WATANABEKyoto UniversityJapanCytoskeleton and cell motility

Editorial Board

Toshiya ENDOKyoto Sangyo UniversityJapanLife of proteins
Akihiro HARADAOsaka UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Naoko IMAMOTORIKENJapanChromosome, nucleus and gene expression
Kozo KAIBUCHIFujita Health UniversityJapanSignal transduction
Eisuke MEKADAOsaka UniversityJapanCell adhesion and extracellular matrix
Kazutoshi MORIKyoto UniversityJapanLife of proteins
Kazuhiro NAGATABiohistory Research HallJapanLife of proteins
Akihiko NAKANORIKEN Center for Advanced PhotonicsJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles
Hiroshi OHNORIKENJapanImmunology
Yoshinori OHSUMITokyo Institute of TechnologyJapanLife of proteins
Sachiko TSUKITATeikyo UniversityJapanCell adhesion and extracellular matrix; Cytoskeleton and cell motility
Yoshihiro YONEDABIKENJapanChromosome, nucleus and gene expression
Shigenobu YONEMURATokushima UniversityJapanCell adhesion and extracellular matrix
Hiderou YOSHIDAUniversity of HyogoJapanLife of proteins
Tamotsu YOSHIMORIOsaka UniversityJapanIntracellular traffic and organelles

International Advisory Board

Bruno AntonnyCNRSFrance
Andrea BallabioTIGEMItaly
Christopher BurdYale UniversityUSA
Yizhi CaiUniversity of ManchesterUK
Nam-Hai ChuaThe Rockefeller UniversityUSA
Sandra CitiUniversity of GenevaSwitzerland
Bruce EdgarUniversity of UtahUSA
Andrew J. EwaldJohns Hopkins UniversityUSA
Alexis GautreauCNRSFrance
Kathleen J. GreenNorthwestern UniversityUSA
Hiroshi HamadaAshoka University/National Centre for Biological SciencesIndia
Tsuyoshi HirashimaNational University of SingaporeSingapore
Takanari InoueJohns Hopkins UniversityUSA
Yoichi Kosodo Korea Brain Research Institute (KBRI)Republic of Korea
Vivek MalhotraBarcelona Institute for Science and TechnologySpain
Jodi NunnariUniversity of CaliforniaUSA
Maria Carla ParriniInstitute CurieFrance
Robert PartonUniversity of QueenslandAustralia
Siew Cheng PhuaNational University of SingaporeSingapore
David RonUniversity of CambridgeUK
Masaki SanoShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChina
D Leland TaylorNIHUSA
Yusuke Toyama National University of SingaporeSingapore
Julia von BlumeYale UniversityUSA
Michael Way Francis Crick InstituteUK
Xiaoyang WuUniversity of ChicagoUSA